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How Much Is A Commercial Grease Trap. $35,000 for plumbing and electricity. 80% of outdoor grease traps are either 1000 gal or 1500 gal.

how much is a commercial grease trap
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A grease trap is an important fixture in any commercial kitchen. A grease trap is designed to minimize the amounts of solid waste and fog waste (fats, oils and grease) from getting down the drain lines.


A grease trap/grease inceptor is in simple terms a plumbing fixture that contains decomposing food waste, bettering the sewer system. A point of caution is that if you have a small grease trap and a large water usage then you may find that you have to have your grease trap pumped out very regularly.

How Much Is A Commercial Grease Trap

Consider what size will suit your needs best, as a trap that is too large will waste space and may be an unnecessary cost to your.Don’t think you can just “pump and dump.” cleaning your trap involves several parts.Factors such as fogs content and accessibility can affect price of service.Furthermore, major cleanup costs can exceed $100,000 per incident.

Grease trap, had to be installed underground).Grease traps are included among the services orsack plumbing company offers, ideal for the commercial businesses in the restaurant, catering, and other food preparation and service industries.Grease traps are typically installed under the compartment sink where the dishwasher is carried out.Grease traps that have not been serviced and maintained regularly can cost up to triple the normal price.

Halgan provides custom grease traps to help any business find the perfect solution, whether you’re undergoing expansion, undertaking a renovation or starting from scratch.Here are some examples so, in a short time, your system can have a new grease trap:How much does it cost to have a grease trap cleaning?I found the exact same model online for $400.00 (including shipping).

If a grease trap is maintained properly regularly, it costs $175 to $475 on average.If you realize that your grease trap isn’t accumulating much grease, there’s probably something wrong with it.If your business is scheduled to have collections 4 times a year (every 13 weeks), the annual cost would thus be $2,520.00 plus gst.In a residential home, the food and debris often just get flushed down the drain, but large amounts of.

It could be a leak.It helps to separate grease and oil from the public sewer system, protecting your building and the public.Large establishments such as universities, hospitals, and restaurants generate significant amounts of waste.Looking at the priciest options:

Or, there could be an issue with the output pipe that leads to the sewer.Proper commercial grease trap hygiene combines cleaning many areas of a grease trap and any outside, related components.Pumping the trap to rid it of accumulated fogs and hauling them to a licensed processing facilityRather, you will have to solve it when it becomes gross.

Restaurant owners in particular need to closely monitor their current procedures for grease trap cleaning and maintenance.Restaurants and other commercial kitchens are required to have grease traps or grease interceptors.The commercial or residential grease trap installation cost can be expensive, but the building could benefit from it.The definition of a grease trap is “ a trap in a drain or waste pipe to prevent grease from passing into a sanitary sewer lines and system.”.

The grease trap cleaning includes pumping and cleaning out.The plumber asked about $20.000 for grease trap (1500 lb), pipes, gas lines.and the electrician asked for $15.000 for the project.The plumbing company quoted me $1500.00 for the grease trap itself, and $1700.00 to install it (1000 lb.The size of your kitchen and the volume of wastewater that flows from the sink will determine the device you need.

The total cost to install a grease interceptor is $15,000 or more.The total cost to install a grease trap is $2,500 or more;There are no additional costs involved.There are plenty of ways you can budget for them.

There are three main types of grease traps:There is a wide range of grease trap sizes on the market, and
halgan is prepared to find the right one for you.These devices help ensure that the water supply for the community stays free of grease and oil.These figures will give you a limited idea of the price for the kind of system you want.

They protect your plumbing and help prevent harmful toxins from potentially contaminating the environment.This allows food particles sink to the bottom of the trap, while oil and grease rise to the surface of the water within the trap.This waste is routinely left behind on dishes, silverware, pots, and pans.Usually, a large hospital, school, or commercial foodservice establishment will require the installation of a grease interceptor.

We always prefer installing a grease trap that minimizes the waste content from the start.We figured these were more than we were expecting.Where i was looking for equipment for a small business, they quoted me less that $400.00 i hope this helps.Xuanyue commercial grease trap 25 lb 13gpm gallon per minute stainless steel grease interceptor kitchen kit for restaurant factory and home 4.6 out of 5 stars 10.